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Our Rules
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1. All members, please study the rules and regulations. These rules come into effect after you subscribe. All bets made by the company Betting will be subject to these rules and conditions.


2. Persons who wish to apply for membership and open an account with us must be over 18 years of age.

3. Every customer has the personal responsibility to check that local laws or your country allowed to play games and placing bets or not Before you register and apply with the company or before you place bets through the internet

4. Customers who want to place bets with the company. must know the laws on gambling in Your country, country of residence, or where you are currently located, which may not allow gambling.

5. The customer must at all times adhere to and obey all applicable local laws and if you are unsure, you should Seek legal advice specialized in games and gambling.

6. The company cannot and will not be responsible. If there is a violation and breach of local gambling laws.

7. The company has the right to decide whether to accept or refuse. All or part of your bet list

GCLUB customer account

1. Before you enter our system to place bets Customers must first apply for a customer account. Customers can place bets up to the maximum amount specified in your account.

2. The customer is responsible for maintaining the customer account number. And password to be confidential every gambling played through your customer account will be considered official. and cannot be canceled in the event that The customer suspects that your personal information has been stolen. Please contact our company immediately to change your password.

3. Customers can withdraw money from their account at any time. If the payment transaction has been confirmed

4. The company reserves the right to close the customer's account at any time. without having to explain the reasons in the event that This happened, the remaining money in the account. will be transferred back to you. or if verified There is a deception for others to transfer in without being a customer. The company will seize all the money. to transfer back to the owner of the real money


5. The company's deposits and withdrawals only accept account-to-account transfers. Which account did you deposit? That account will be the default withdrawn account.

***The company will not add credit. If depositing through a channel in front of the bank counter and depositing money through a cash deposit machine****

accepting bets

1. The company will accept bets online or by telephone. and at the Company's branches only

2. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the bet details. When you have placed your bets and has confirmed accepting bets Customers will not be able to cancel or change.

3. The company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the betting market at any time. which the company We reserve the right to stop accepting bets on any game at any time. without prior notice

4. The winnings from the bet will be transferred to the customer's account only according to the customer's notification. If you want to change or modify the account for receiving money transfers Please contact the staff directly.

5. The company is not responsible in case of equipment or connection failure. As a result, bets cannot be placed. according to customer needs

Terms and Conditions

1. These rules are effective after you have applied for membership with the company. finished

2. Conditions for those who apply and have a customer account opened with the company. The customer must agree and accept the terms. and these conditions when registering with the company We will assume that the customer fully accepts and understands. as well as in terms and conditions Please take the time to familiarize yourself and follow. change in the company's betting rules At all times we encourage you to review These Terms and Conditions Before Betting

3. The company reserves the right to change the terms. And the terms of any changes will be published on the website.

4. Client accounts opened with us will be available. Although customers in some countries are blocked from accessing the system and Certain website pages cannot be opened due to legal forces. The Company reserves the right, for any reason and at any time, to restrict access to certain pages of our website to customers in certain areas.

5. Customers can start placing bets with us when you open a deposit account.

6. Customers must be at least 18 years old to open an account with the company. The company will not be responsible for applicants who do not reach the required age. The company can withdraw the account according to the requirements.

7. The customer is obligated to keep the account number and password received confidential. Transactions placed by third parties who use your member's information. bets will be considered valid and valid. If the customer has any questions or wants to change the password Please notify the staff immediately.

8. Customers can close your account at any time. By requesting to the staff

***The company reserves the right to change the regulations at any time without prior notice.***
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